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First Manufacturing Company Inc. has been the first choice for sourcing high quality performance motorcycle apparels and gears for over 30 years.

Any size businesses are vital to the functions of everyday businesses including ours, and while the business generated from these stores is fantastic we can take it a step further. With private labeling, we make the product, packaging, labels, and even promote your store from our website through store locator.

We are one of the world's largest leather apparel manufacturers. This enables us to buy raw materials directly from the source, guaranteeing their originality performance, and ensuring the lowest costs. Our unique manufacturing and quality control systems ensure the strictest requirement are met.

Lowest minimum orders in private label, thousands in inventory, thousands of retailers.

Use our 33 years of expertise and your branding. We assist you!

First MFG is excited to offer you the best private label program for leather apparels! We work with clients regardless of size, everything far and in between from a starting entrepreneur to brands you know and love that are looking to offer better and more products. We bring you quality products and the means to sell them.