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By Jeff G. Holt

Photo by @johnboyleather

Well, it sure as hell ain't Summer, but we will all take Spring as fast as it comes. You know that time of year where its sunny, yet still chilly most of the day and there are still puddles as well as sometimes ice and snow on the road? But at least it’s not sub-zero arctic temperatures and three feet of the dreaded white stuff all around.

Yes, it is time to start dusting off that bike and getting the rust off it as well. We hope you put some gas and oil stabilizer in that machine of yours or you are going to be spending double time getting the sludge out of the tank and getting that bike started.

- Did you check the tires on that motorcycle you are taking out of hibernation?
- Did they dry rot over your bike’s long winter’s nap?
- What about the brake pads and brake fluid?
- Are they both in working order?

Don’t just worry about making the bike go down the road. Make sure it stops when it gets to the end as well. Okay enough questions about your trusty “steel horse” steed.

What about yourself? No, we aren’t your mother, but did you bring a jacket? You know that no matter how warm it is when you left the house that the sun still goes down early and you could in fact “catch a death of cold” if you aren’t geared up right. Layering your clothing is key this time of year when coming out of the deep freeze. Undershirt, T-Shirt, Hooded Sweatshirt and a vest or jacket is what we suggest up top.

Yes it sounds like a lot, but you can take it off and put it back on when need be. Down below we suggest undeez, long underwear, a pair of pants, and in extreme cases our gator skin lined leather chaps or over-pants to knock the windchill factor off your lower half. And always wear gloves. And we like to pack a set of gator skin liners, just in case the fist pair of mitts gets wet or cold.

A full-face helmet is always on our list during these months, and sometimes a skull cap or ski mask has to be called in to use on the colder days of early spring. Just dress comfortable and stay warm. It will make your first few rides back on the bike soooo much more enjoyable.

Dont worry y’all Spring doesn't last THAT long and then once Summer hits we will all be worrying on how to keep cool while riding. So just think about that while you are at your early spring gas stop freezing your butts off and chugging coffee.


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