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This year we started a partnership with HotBike and Baggers Magazine. I ask Jeff Holt If First Mfg could help out with the HotBike Tour so we made a custom vest for all the HotBike invited builders. The deal was done with a little help from my friend Jason at Ironthread . We finished the project and it was time to hit the road.

Running a website and social media outlets require a ton of content. I rounded up a bunch of guys that I knew could go on a trip at a moments notice gave them some vest to use for the ride and we were off. 

The Blue Ridge Parkway, Hwy129, and The Tail of the Dragon never disappoint.

First Mfg wants to Thank Jeff Holt, HotBike, Baggers, and Geico for putting together an amazing adventure. Special thanks to our chase truck driver Will Hartless.

This years HotBike Tour team 

Aaron Hartless - Brand Rep

Kevin Quick - First Mfg VP

Tim Howley

Chris Le Duc

Tommy Snyder

Nick Pencil


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