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Glencoe Camp Ground - Sturgis Rally 2020

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The stories are true. Glencoe Campground is one of the wildest places to stay in Sturgis for rally week. Glencoe has a party reputation, if you are looking to live the life of bike weeks from years ago this is your dream campground. With that said, you can find a quiet place to stay on the property if you are the type to turn in early.

The past 4 years the FMCo crew has stayed at Glencoe and we are always treated well. The staff works around the clock to make sure every guest has what they need. Checking in at the campground is always my favorite. Standing in line waiting to get your wristband, watching people pull up after a long journey across the country, listening to all of your new neighbors tell stories about the weather they rode in is the first taste you have of rally week, and its the moment you know you made it.

Some of the campers are grandfathered in and have permanent spots. Some people build cabins, some pave their spot for a huge tour bus, others build private garages with outdoor kitchens and one guy at the back of the property has a deck built so high his bus fits under it so he has the best view of the property.

Most rally goers haul their bikes, campers or toy haulers. In my case the FMCo van turns into a tiny home. I always overpack my supplies and gear. Just remember the weather can turn in a matter of minutes in the black hills so if you are hauling bikes out to the rally bring extra gear if you don't need it your neighbor might.

The view from the top of the hill climb is one to be seen. This open space looking past Bear Butte is the real South Dakota. Watching the sunset over the land and taking some time away from main street Sturgis is something I recommend.

Gelncoe has room for the largest gooseneck campers and tour busses. If thats not how you roll you can pay a flat rate and pitch a tent right beside your bike. Or try out one of the cabins they have on the property. The cabins range in cost and amenities, from a two person cabin with AC to a four person with AC and a bathroom all the way to a six person with everything you need for the week. the property has a breakfast hall, laundry room, large shower house, and a general store. Pro tip, make friends with the ice delivery girl you will want to come home every day with a cooler full of cold "drinks".

Bring your golf cart, side by side, mini bike, or whatever you got and have fun riding around the campground. This is the preferred method of transportation at night. The famous trail through the woods hosts a party every night and you do not want to miss out. Don't ride your bike down this road at night, your bike will overheat due to traffic. You will be stopped for long periods of time watching the party.


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