Hi! I’m Tori and I currently ride a ‘77 Shovelhead and Matt and I are almost finished the ‘57 Panhead build.

I started riding a Honda CM400. I had never ridden a bike or even driven a car. I thought I was all about the cafe racers when I first got into motorcycles. That quickly changed within a couple of months and I got my ‘95 Sportster.

I got that bike pretty much stock and quickly started to change things over the winter and started planning my first trip. My first trip was Vancouver BC, Canada to Los Angeles, California to get my bike hard tailed by Jamie Elswick. I started by riding with a group of ladies to the Dream Roll in Oregon. Camped in Mount Hood all weekend and then made my way solo down to Lake Tahoe, Nevada. From there I went to San Francisco for a few days and then rode the coast all the way to Los Angeles. But I didn’t make it. My charging system bit the dust about 100 miles away.

Fast forward a month and I’m now the owner of a rigid sportster chopper that I need to ride back to Canada! 1300 mile shakedown run? No problem. I get on my bike and go and it breaks down 30 miles down the road. Long story short, my charging system never got fixed. Just that battery had been replaced. So I needed parts for a new charging system ASAP. 

I rode SF to Portland and then Portland to Vancouver, BC. The last 950 miles home I lost my tail light and license plate. Noticed this in Eugene, Oregon when I stopped for gas. I sat here, in the dark, head in my hands googling a parts store or Walmart and a guy says “are you okay? What can I do?”. I judge him and give him a snarky comment. He says he has a trailer full of parts and he’s coming from a swap meet. So he wired up a light for me! Moral of the story, don’t judge people. Ha. My light went out again and I was pulled over on the side of the road. A guy asks if I’m okay I said “I need electrical tape” he goes “here ya go” and throws one to me.

Portland to Vancouver it was pouring rain. 320 miles in the pouring rain on an interstate with a janky tail light is the worst possible scenario. Oh! And no license plate. Luckily I hadn’t been pulled over and I made it to the border. I just started crying and she felt bad and said “go home and get warm”. The last 50 miles I lost my tail light again but at least I was home. 

Overall, I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I’ve never been more sore from riding especially on a fresh rigid bike. 1300 miles in 2 days. Best time of my life.

Since then I’ve sold that bike and now I can’t wait to do a trip on my Shovelhead or Panhead.

The Panhead is almost done. Matt and I picked up a ’57 motor back in April 2019 and been building it from the ground up. Matt has put blood, sweat and tears into this bad boy. I can’t wait for the moment we finish. Hoping it will be good to go for Daytona Bike Week!!


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