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Tell us a little about your bike? Year, upgrades, why you chose the fat bob?

2019 Fat Bob Harley Davidson

Upgrades & Accessories:
Exhaust (Rinehart Racing), Handlebars (Zed Style), Engine Guard Bars, Alarm, Stiffer Front Suspension, Pro Street Tuner, Gearshift Linkage, Cup holder, Swing Arm Bag, Locking Gas Cap, Under Tank Lighting.
Since pictures were taken: Engine Bar Pegs, Cargo Rack, Bronze Dominion Hand Grips. 

After looking I felt that the Fat Bob was the best fit coming from a history of riding racing bikes.

Tell us a little about your trip to Sturgis this year? how long did it take - and any other special things that stand out?

This was my first motorcycle rally, and it didn't disappoint. It took approx. 29 hrs to get there stopping for fuel, smoke breaks, and two 1 hr rest breaks. I enjoyed pretty much the whole trip. Met amazing people, saw beautiful scenery, and just had some great rides.

My favorite ride was probably Iron Mountain (not for amateur riders). Definitely will be making it there again next year (considering no unforeseen complications).  On the way home I took the scenic route,
took me 4 days of just cruising side roads, and camping at truck stops.

What is your favorite weekend ride back home in LA?

I really don't have a favorite. I'm the kind of person to just load up my bike, pick a direction, and just go
with no plan, just figure it out as I go. Sometimes I just go for a week or two just wandering from place to place. If I only have time for something local then I usually just go looking for new routes so I don't have to get on main busy Highways so I can just cruise along without all the traffic. Makes the rides that much more enjoyable to me.


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