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Bike Check With Kyle Rice

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Tell us about your bike.

It started as a 2009 FXDC that I did quite a bit of fabrication/metal work on. All of the tins are hand shaped, the rear fender actually has a tubular chromoly support frame hidden underneath in lieu of the original struts that I cut and replaced with some low profile struts I machined.

What upgrades do you have?
The dash, chin spoiler, and seat trim/seat pan are all made from sheet aluminum, and there's a whole bunch of other handmade aluminum parts as well. The "decals" are actually hand-painted and gold leafed. There's a ton of cool parts/other work on it from other companies as well including:

- 110 inch TC built by Dan's Mobile V Twin
- Thundermax EFI
- Aluminum Akront 40 spoke rims 21x3.5 front 18x4.25 rear
- Prism taillight
- Hardcase risers and indicator housing
- Flo pegs
- Speedkings rear polished aluminum sprocket/chain drive
- Lyndall rotors
- ISR hand controls
- Boostedbrad hydraulic clutch cover and grips
- Ohlins rear suspension
- Progressive front
- Motogadget turn signals and mirrors

How did you get into bikes?
I actually started on a PW-50 with training wheels when I was about 3 or 4. I was practically raised in the dirt, which really where a lot of my builds come from, essentially skinny as functionally possible like a dirt bike. A Harley that rides like a giant sketchy dirt bike is absolutely the funnest and gnarliest machine in the world!

What is your favorite place to ride?
Unfortunately in Florida it's far and few in between, but really anything but highways. I built this one for road trips though, so the plan is to do a couple cross country trips on it.

And what shows are you looking forward to attending?
I will be at the Tennessee Motorcycle and music revival this year! Luckily there is a bunch of chopper shows and swap meets in Florida I will always at least do my best to make. Eventually I want to make it to Sturgis, and maybe setup a road trip there with a few buddies to get there. Aswell someday I want to try my luck on People's Champ for Born Free and build a bike from the ground up at the highest level I can.

Bike Check

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