My name is Jake and I’m 35. I live in Jersey City with my Fiancé. I’ve bounced around the country the last 7 years until my old lady wrangled me here. I fabricate metal (ornamental and industrial) by trade, and build and repair bikes as a hobby.

The first time I ever rode I was 10 years old. My buddy just got a Honda CR250 hand me down and was ripping at his place. I didn’t know he had it, but was going over to hang out and he asked if I wanted to ride. I had never touched a motorcycle before and had no clue what I was doing. He explained the clutch to me and for some reason started me out on a hill. I let the clutch out way too fast and rode a wheelie before eating shit. I was ok and had fallen in love. I’ve since been tinkering and riding but didn’t start real repair and build work until 4 years ago.

The magazine started initially as a creative tangent Natalie and I were riffing on one night. She had mentioned putting something together with regard to following a bunch of professional counter culture people in their art. Then the idea for creating a brand came to, and before we knew it we were asking people if they’d be interested in interviews and if we could use some of their photos. So far the magazine focuses on “Where High Class meets Outcast”. A slogan that defines our own relationship to perfecting something that falls outside the norm.

My favorite bike is my ’76 Ironhead. I traded an XS650 bobber I built (amidst another almost complete XS650 I built, and another XS motor and about 5 baskets of shit) for it. It’s been a here and there tinkering and tuning project. I’m on the fence regarding fabbing out a king and queen to fit the awkward geometry of the bolt on hardtail it has. It has a harlot pad on it now, but I’d like Natalie to be more comfortable on long hauls. I loved building the XS. It was a deathtrap, and there was something exciting about how dangerous it was. I’m an American boy though and love this Harley.

I’d like to build a big twin Evo long bike. Something that would hold up faithfully cross country. Natalie is planning on eventually doing a cross country comedy tour and we want to do it off the bike. We’re wanting to hit some bike events along the way as well. Turn it into a grand tour of laughs and gas.