1. When did you start riding and what influenced you to start?
I actually started on the back of my husbands bike around April or May of last year. I decided I liked the adrenaline and wanted my own instead of sticking to being passenger. So I bought my bike first, then took the MSF course here in town and have been riding for almost a year now!  

2. What state or famous route is on your must ride list?
The most famous route I would have to put on my list is PCH. Pacific Coast Highway in California is absolutely beautiful & I wouldn’t mind going back to my home state.

3. Tell us about your current motorcycle?
Currently, I own a 2002 Harley 883 Sportster Hugger. Originally I wanted a Honda Rebel or Shadow but couldn’t lift the one up that I tried out so I checked out this bike and it was just like it was made for me! I’ve made it my own by changing the handlebars, mirrors, grips and pegs. 

4. What does winning the Low Rider S mean to you?
Winning the Low Rider S is just one of those things that doesn’t feel real! It was so unexpected, but I am so thankful for it. I wanted to upgrade from my carbureted bike to a newer fuel injected bike and now I get that chance thanks to First MFG Co!


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