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Your name and bike you ride?
Courtney Kay, 2018 Street bob.

What are your favorite upgrades so far on your bike?
I wasn’t planning on doing any upgrades when I first bought it, but I’m a couple years into my HD experience and I’ve learned that stock bikes suck. So, it’s been a slow process. My Saddlemen seat & 4.5” Drag Specialties pullback risers have made my ride a lot more comfortable though.

Any future upgrades?
Rims, pipes, fairing, gauge housing, who knows.

What or who got you interested in riding?
I used to get butterflies in my stomach every time a motorcycle would pass me. In 2010 I went and bought one. I didn’t know anyone that rode at the time, so I asked my local mechanic to ride it home for me. I YouTubed how to change gears and taught myself how to ride. As a RiderCoach, 10 years later, I would never recommend anybody learn that way!

I understand you like taking long road trips, What road holds a special memory?
During one of my first trips through the Mojave Desert, I followed a lot of main roads. It was the middle of June and the main roads were just endless Desert. I did research about desert riding before I went. I knew to cover up my skin so I didn’t dehydrate, despite it being counterintuitive to wear a jacket in such extreme heat. I learned little tricks, like putting your gear in the freezers at pit stops, to cool down. However, I did not know the best motorcycle routes! After days of passing nothing but sand and tumbleweed, I finally got to some greenery in Lake Tahoe. I stayed the weekend and met a couple of adventure bikers on my way to head back south to Las Vegas. They told me, “make left here, a right there (paraphrasing)…. It will be the best ride you’ll ever take.” I couldn’t tell you what route these gentlemen sent me on, but I can tell you it was the most stunning views I’ve ever seen. One day I’ll make it back there and figure it out all over again. 

What is your bucket list road trip?
That’s a tough one. I have a lot of places that I want to ride, but my number one bucket list item is to buy an RV with a garage big enough for two motorcycles and a couple dirt bikes, trailer a car, and travel North America with the love of my life.

Tell us about LI moto babes @li.motobabes ?
LI Moto Babes is a community that I founded when I moved back to NY from CA. I bought my first Harley when I was living in San Diego and I loved how many women rode motorcycles over there. It’s a year round hobby / life style over there, so they are further ahead of curve on it than we are in NY. There would be lines of motorcycles parked on main st in North Park, where I leaved, and half the bikes would belong to girls! When I moved back to NY, I felt like it was lacking that sense of community. After finding out that Babes Ride Out had an East Coast event, I started to rally some women riders together. I went into every Long Island motorcycle facebook group that existed and asked if there were any chicks out there. I planned a meet up to see if anyone would be interested and the response I got was amazing. We have a few annual events now and we go up to Babes Ride Out every year. This year we are planning a week long trip through the North East from Babes Ride Out to Deadbeat retreat.

IG: @courtneyyykayyy


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