Bike Check With Britni De La Nuez

Bike Check With Britni De La Nuez

My Name is Britni De la Nuez, I'm 26 years old and for as long as I can remember Harley-Davidson Motorcycles have been a part of my life. As it is for a lot of in the sport, it all started with my father. I'm not entirely sure when my first ride was, but knowing my dad I can guarantee he had me sitting on the tank ripping around the block before I hit two.

I went through a rebellious stage in high school where i wanted nothing to do with motorcycles, but after college i came back around. There was no ignoring that the culture engrained in the sport of motorcycling and the impact it had on me. The people, the passion, the bonds, but that all pales in comparison to the freedom you feel when you ride your own.

I've fallen in and out of love with riding, but my XL1200 Iron has changed that for good. It is not my first motorcycle and it won't be my last, but the experience I've had with this bike will be unmatched by any other. From the moment I picked it out on the showroom floor, to dialing in every piece and finally coming in to my own as a more confident rider. This will be one of those bikes that stands out from the rest.

I think it's important to mention my height because if that doesn't inspire anyone to consider riding despite their size, it sure as hell explains why my shocks are so slammed. I stand about 4'10" and feeling comfortable on my bikes is something I have down to a science.

First off, modifications are so important, designing the bike to fit my riding style (once I figured out what that was) was key. Second is strength, fitness has always been a passion of mine but training with riding in mind has brought that full circle. And finally, consistency, just getting out and riding. I was so scared to ride by myself for so log but riding is a mental game and you have to knock down those walls in order to fully experience it.

Motorcycling is truly a sport, it takes your mind, body and spirit. There is blood, sweat and tears that goes in to the pursuit of pure freedom and euphoria. And every second of struggle and frustration is worth it. There are new adventures, people to meet and always something new to learn.

I am looking forward to conquering new roads, taking long trips and a big goal of mine is to be skilled enough to hop on any bike and take it for a spin. I currently have an FXLRS build in the works that I hope to have finished soon but 'till then you'll see me on my sporty.

XL1200 Iron
Bars: Thrashin Supply
Rinsers: Hardcase Performance 11 in risers
Fairing: Memphis Shades Cafe
Seat: LePera KickFlip
Rear Shocks: Burly Slammer Shocks
Exhaust: Bassani Road Rage III
Air Cleaner: S&S Stealth
Foot Pegs: Thrashin Supply
Headlight: Harley-Davidson LED Daymaker
Turn Signals: Custom Dynamics LED
Dyno Tuned

Technician: Eddie Salas, Wolverine Harley-Davidson

Bikes: 2016 Sportster 883 Super Low XL883L, 2018 Forty-Eight Special XL1200NS, 2019 1200
Iron XL 1200NS, 2020 Low Rider S FXLRS
First Year Riding: 2017 (2020 is my fourth season)
Dream Rides: Michigan to Call, any riding out west and East Coast