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Bike Check With Aram Pittman

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Hi there, my name is Aram Pittman (pronounced like “air-rum”) and I ride a 2020 Harley Davidson FXLRS. Originally from a small town in southeastern North Carolina, I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area a little over 4 years ago.

Tell us a little about your FXLRS and the upgrades?

I purchased my FXLRS from Oakland Harley Davidson where they had already performed a Stage 1 and a handlebar job before it hit the showroom floor. Since then, I have added a few things.

Currently on the bike:
Lucky Dave’s Lucky13 Bars in 11”
S&S Cycle 2:1 SuperStreet Exhaust
S&S Cycle Stealth Mini Tear Drop Air Cleaner
Saddlemen Tuck N Roll step up seat
Sport Glide Bags
Villain2Hero T-Sport Fairing
Bung King Crash Bar and Rear Passenger Sliders
Moons MC V1 Integrated Low Profile LED Tail light
Moons MC LED Turn Signals
San Diego Customs Traveler Bar Bag

And of course, the list won’t stop there. Eventually I will upgrade my front and rear brake calipers, rotors, and my suspension. Once all that good stuff is completed, then I want to get into the motor and “open her up” a bit with an aftermarket cam and some other goodies.

How long have you been riding and what made you choose a Harley?

I first got into Harley Davidson motorcycles by riding on the back of one. I fell in love with the adrenaline I got from being on a motorcycle, how freeing it felt. Going to events, riding with friends, and lane splitting to beat the Bay Area traffic were the cherries on top. After a couple years of a sore ass and lower back, I finally mustered up the courage to grab my own throttle. In 2017 I purchased my first bike, a 2017 Sportster Iron 883. Without any prior knowledge on how to ride my own, there I was, signing a contract to my brand-new Harley Davidson.

I had to have help getting my bike home. Then to parking lots to get multiple practice sessions in. I even took a motorcycle safety course, which I think helped tremendously! I highly recommend to any new riders! They even had advanced courses for the experienced riders – because there is always room for growth and more knowledge!

After about 2 ½ years of riding around on the sporty, I decided it was time to make the jump to a bigger bike. I did my research, went for multiple test rides on various models, and eventually made up my mind.

Let me tell you, this 2020 Lowrider S does not disappoint, that’s for damn sure! It handles like a dream. I am 100% in love with this bike and a twist of the throttle never fails to make a smile appear across my face.

What is your favorite day trip on a motorcycle from where you live?

About 100 miles south of where I live is Big Sur – which is easily one of my favorite rides! Cruising down the PCH sandwiched between the ocean and rocky cliffs is surreal. From waterfalls flowing into the bluest ocean water I’ve ever seen - to hundreds of beached elephant seals, there is always something intriguing to see on the central coast!

Do you have a bucket list ride?

Nothing crazy – I just think it would be really cool to take my motorcycle down the backroads that I grew up on in North Carolina.

What is your other favorite non moto activity?

The beach is by far my favorite place to be. The smell of the salt air carried by an ocean breeze is hard to beat. I could sit on a beach all day, sunbathing while reading or listening to a good playlist. I also enjoy hiking and camping, exploring all the beautiful sceneries that the west coast has to offer. And after a long day of activities my favorite go-to meal would definitely be tacos – washed down with a nice cold beer. Motorcycles, the outdoors, and Mexican food is all that is takes to make me the happiest girl on Earth.

Thanks for reading !
Aram Pittman

Bike Check

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