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Bike Check With Justin Steinbach

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1. Tell us about the bike you rode to Sturgis? upgrades ? special parts?

My daily ride is a 2006 Road King Custom. Motor is built to a 95cu in big bore. True dual Rinehart exhaust and Performance Machine brake components and PM black and stainless wheels all the way around. Just an average everyday grocery getter.

2. What is your favorite road to ride in the Black Hills?

Having a favorite ride in the Hills is honestly to hard to even choose. I have been coming to the Rally for 10 years now and being here never gets old! I tell everyone I don't come for the Rally, I'm here because to me this is God's Country. The sites and especially the smell of those black Hills spruce! No mistaking them! Also friendships! I have friends that have made their permanent home in the Hills so catching back up with them is always one of the first stops!

But if I was to actually have choose a ride or a road through the Hills it would have to be Vanocker Canyon road. Heading south out of Sturgis leading 17 miles to what I consider a home away from home, Nemo SD! I have been up and down the canyon road more times than I can even count. Early morning few rides, middle of the day, or the only crazy people riding in the Hills at night!! A rain, lightning, hail, even a heard of cattle on the road one night! By far my favorite as I am just partial to that little town it leads to! Quiet, secluded, but not to far, it's just perfect!

3. What do you recommend packing for a full day out in the Hills?

Well my number 1 rule of want to pack for a ride into the Hills or anywhere in the western high plans of Sodak is SUNSCREEN! I learned the hard way early on that you are just a bit closer to sun out here than in Minnesota! Other than that. Just a sweatshirt. I don't waste time with rain gear or whatever else because the only way to predict weather in the Hills.... Well... you can't... Just roll with whatever it gives you!

4. Tell us a little about your home state and the best place to ride to lunch?

My home is in Minnesota, land of 10,000 lakes! Love the state hate the politics...

Countless beautiful places to ride. Lake roads everywhere. But a short ride from me to the east is what they call Bluff Country, or the "Driftless Region" getting its name for the rolling bluffs and hardwood forests that the glaciers never reached. There are countless twist and turns and Hills to ride all leading towards the mighty Mississippi to the east!

There are little towns scattered here and there with old greasy spoon watering holes that give many options to stop and refill along the way with fuel, food, and cold beer!
Bike Check

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