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Why wear a Vest for a motorcycle ride?

By Jeff Holt of v-twin visionary

Even with the massive popularity of First Manufacturing Co’s full line of leather, denim, and canvas vests, many have asked the age-old question of why one would choose a this type of garment over a jacket? While that may seem like a loaded question to some, there are many people who think this type of apparel does't suit their own needs. However, this couldn't be further from the truth for most riders. Vests are not just a fashion accessory for bikers, but rather a very useful tool for hitting the highways. Though some may have a myriad of reasons of when, where, and how to wear a vest, here are some real reasons why a person riding a motorcycle would choose a vest.



Studies have shown that whether you are outside working, riding or climbing a mountain keeping your core (chest, belly, ribs and back) warm is key. How you ask? When your core temperature starts to drop, the body reduces blood flow to your extremities (arms, legs) increasing blood flow to the core in an attempt to protect your organs. By keeping your core insulated and protected from wind and other riding elements, your blood flow remains constant to your extremities, keeping them warmer.


Haywood - Black Denim Men's Motorcycle Vest 


How many times have you started on your ride in the cold and damp morning, then by lunch the sun has peeked out and gotten a bit warmer? But by the end of your ride you find yourself in triple digit temperatures and it being practically hot as hell? That is why often a long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt with a good vest (and gloves, head wear and pants) are enough to keep you warm when riding in cold temperatures. Then you have the options to peel the various layers off gradually as the temp warms up. We also suggest always having some sort of rain gear and chaps with you as a backup as well. 


Murdock - Motorcycle Denim Vest


Despite what the motorcycle industry thinks most of us don’t ride big touring “bagger” bikes. Even if you are fully loaded with all sorts of bags and tour packs, we all should keep our personal effects (wallet, phone, house keys, cash, credit/debit and insurance cards) close to us at all times, and most of the top vests on the market have multiple pockets, nooks, and crannies to store all types of gear.



If you are in the market for a vest you should be privy to the fact that the best ones in the motorcycle marketplace have concealed carry pockets for all types of weaponry. Where it be a semi-auto, revolver, or a Bowie knife, a good vest will have an allowance in the liner to transport whatever protection you are comfortable with carrying. Even if it’s just a phone to call 911.


Jeff G Holt Wearing his custom built vest. Build Yours >


The vest or “Cut” as they have been know as, in certain circles, has been synonymous with biker club culture for over 50 years. A properly adorned vest is a perfect way to show off who you are affiliated with because it can be worn by itself or over any amount of riding gear. So when you want the world to know who you are and what you stand for just slap some patches, pins, and buttons on your vest to make it clear to all who see you motoring down the highway.

As you can see the vest is a very versatile thing that does many more jobs that one would think a sleeveless jacket can do. That’s why we are in the vest business and make the design and development of ours one of the benchmarks of First Manufacturing Co.