My grandpa was a huge influence on me getting my first Harley. I grew up riding dirt bikes and bought my first street bike when I was 18. After finding an old easy rider magazine with my grandpa and his friends in it , I knew that I wanted to get my first Harley. I sold everything I had and got an Fxr. The rest is history now and I see myself on two wheels until the end.

Favorite Road
State road 135 through Nashville Indiana. Southern Indiana is beautiful in the fall and Nashville is a great place to stop mid ride for food and fun. I grew up riding those roads so I’m a bit biased as it is very nostalgic for me.

Favorite Upgrades
Cobra El Diablo 2 into 1 exhaust
Horsepower Inc Air cleaner
Legends Revo A 14” rear shocks
Memphis shades fairing

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