Out of my two bikes, this one gets ridden the most. My other bike is an 06 FXDB with a rebuilt S&S 116 cubic inch engine which I went half on with my dad last year, we’re slowly building it up into the monster it is destined to become.

As for my FXDLS, well, it’s where it all started for me in terms of making videos, etc. The bike has a lot of sentimental value to me as it was my first major purchase in life, as I bought it when they just came out in 2016; I almost pulled the trigger on an FXDB before it came out, coming off of a Sportster 883 myself.

This bike has been through it all, literally. I have ridden it from Brooklyn to: Yellowstone park, Sturgis (twice), and Prince Edward Island - the bike has been through some serious trips.

Most people conjure up images of touring models like Street Glides and Goldwings when you mention long trips like the ones mentioned above, but I have never had an issue putting in those hard miles with my FXDLS. This stands to be one of my goals with my channel and IG, is to show people that you don’t need a touring model to get out on the long road, it can be done on any bike if you have the will and drive to do it.

Favorite Road
Iron Mountain Road in South Dakota hands down. You hit this as you exit Needles Highway. The amount of twistys and switchbacks you encounter on this road is unreal, not to mentioned that it culminates with one of the most iconic views of Mount Rushmore. If you hit it at a peak time, the strategy I used to not get stuck behind groups of bikers that want to go slow, which ultimately ends up robbing you of scraping that peg, is to stop, wait for a long gap, and then blast through at an appropriate pace for a high performance Dyna.

Cool Parts 
Fab 28 High Performance Pipe - Peter Gunz Special
Memphis Shades Road Warrior
Jagg Vertical Oil Cooler
Legends Revo-A Shocks
Chain Conversion
S&S 585 Cams 

Current Project
As for my FXDLS, I have been toying around with the idea of an FXRT fairing, but not sure if I want to commit to it yet. This bike is at a really good place, so I think most of my energy at this point is going into my 06 FXDB. But who knows, we’ll see what happens! Regardless, thankful every day to own one of the best bikes Harley has ever made.

As always, shout out to First MFG - BK Low is out!

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