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Not Your Traditional Motorcycle Jacket.

We set out to make a jacket that you could comfortably wear under your leather vest. Most of us that ride have worn a vest over a leather jacket from time to time. We all know how constrictive and bulky this can be.

Cutlass Men's Denim / Leather Motorcycle Jacket

We needed the protection of leather sleeves so the next step would be to choose a material for the body. 14 oz denim was the best choice - a staple in every motorcyclist wardrobe - for this application. Using the pattern from our Murdock vest and adding leather sleeves from a traditional MC jacket, the Cutlass was born.

Zippered sleeves with oil sand leather gusset

The Cutlass pattern was made for riding. Featuring a drop tail, action back, armor pockets, and a short preacher collar. Worn with a leather vest overtop the Cutlass turns into a full leather jacket. Worn by itself the jacket has a clean timeless look that works on and off the bike.

Lowside Leather Vest worn on top of the Cutlass

Trends are changing, and the next generation of riders are not looking for the same items the last generation wanted. We are integrating new fabrics with updated patterns for the modern motorcyclist. FMCo is setting a new course for the future of motorcycle gear. 

Cutlass Leather / Denim Jacket
Lowside Leather Vest